Problems With Your iPhone? Don't Replace It Just Yet

If you are having problems with your iPhone, you may be considering throwing it out and getting a new one. There are many problems, however, that can be repaired -- and you can have your iPhone back up and running very quickly. Below are three problems you may be having and what can be done about them.

Cracked Screen

The iPhone is very durable, but if you do not have a protective cover or a screen cover on your iPhone, the screen can crack if it is dropped face-down on a hard surface. In many cases, a professional can replace the cracked screen for you and it generally will not break the bank.

You can send the iPhone to the manufacturer to have it repaired. You can also take your iPhone to a high-street retailer to have the screen repaired. You have likely seen this type of retailer in malls. Do be careful, however, and make sure they are reputable.

Problems with Charging Port

If your iPhone will not charge, you should first try a different charging cable. If it will still not charge, it could be a problem with the circuitry. If so, this can easily be fixed by an experienced iPhone repair person. They can take the iPhone apart and solder any loose circuitry to see if this repairs the problem.

If the iPhone will still not charge, the repair tech will likely suggest that you replace the charging port. This is not an expensive repair and will only take someone that is experienced a few minutes to fix without damaging your iPhone in any way.

Problems with Powering

If your iPhone will not turn on even through you know it is charged, do not throw it out. There could be a problem with the power button. If so, the power button can be replaced. The charging port may be bad, as in the case above. The battery could also be bad and need to be replaced. These issues are easy repairs for someone that is experienced.

You can find many replacement parts to repair the iPhone yourself, but this is not recommended. If you do not do the repair correctly, you could cause further damage to your phone, resulting in a much higher repair bill or even the need for a complete replacement of your phone. You should also check with your cellular company to be sure the iPhone is not still under warranty and to check if you have insurance on it before you do anything.