2 Advantages Of Using Network Data Cabling Instead Of Going Wireless For Your Network

If you are planning to go wireless for your network, you should consider using network data cabling instead. There are many advantages of using this, two of which are listed below. This can help you determine if data cabling is right for your company.

More Secure

One of the biggest advantages of choosing network data cabling is that it is much more secure when compared to wireless. A wireless connection is completely open if it is not secured with a good password. Think of your home and leaving the door open. Anyone could walk through it. Hackers and other predators can get into your network very easily and so can spam, spyware, and malware. There is a way you can lessen your chances of this happening by using a good firewall and making sure your password is very difficult to guess.

Data cabling is like closing the door and locking it. All the information goes through an Ethernet cable, and this cable transfers information to and from your network. For someone to gain access to the data on your network, they would have to physically connect to your network. For example, they would have to connect their laptop by plugging in an Ethernet port on the back of their laptop and the other end of the Ethernet cord into a port on your network.

More Reliable

Wireless networks can have connection issues, especially if they are close to the end of the wireless range. There can also be interferences, such as if there was a wireless network nearby like the home or business next to you. Electronics in your business or home can also interfere with the Internet connection. Other things that can interfere with the connection includes external LCD displays or monitors, direct satellite service (DDS), and wireless speakers.

Because of these connection issues, the router may crash, which would take your Internet completely down. You would then have to reset the router to get it to work again. This could happen several times per week.

A wired data cable connection is a fixed connection so there is no interference whatsoever. The only time you will likely have a problem with a wired connection is if your power goes out.

It is important that your Ethernet data cables are in good condition. If your cables are old, contact a data cabling company to replace them. For more information, contact local professionals like Pro Telecom.